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Ceramic Jewellery and Pottery


When I was 5 years old I used my cat as a model to make my very first piece of pottery. I started learning the Japanese Tea Ceremony when I was15 years old. For the next six years I was fascinated by it, especially the Tea instruments used during the ceremony. They were beautifully crafted in pottery, lacquer ware, metal, bamboo, even cloth, all very harmonious. I was particularly interested in the tea bowls and devoted myself to making pottery once agin.

At 21, I enrolled in a pottery school and have been a potter ever since. I crafted pottery, for many years specializing in dishes for Japanese Soba (noodle) restaurants and Kaisekiryoori (traditional meal preceding the tea ceremony) restaurants; it was a great experience.

Though living in New Zealand, I am still strongly influenced by the Momoyama era pottery and its sense of esthetics, like the "oribe"(a green  glaze with often some painting) and continue to craft Japanese style pottery as well as making my own original pieses of ceramic jewellery and ceramic sculptures.

My work can be found at:
 Mixt, 504 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland. ph (09)846 9270  
 Form 49 Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch. ph (03)377 1211
 Waiheke Community Art Gallery, 2 Korora Road, Oneroa, Waiheke Island ph (09) 3729970
Corban Estate Arts Centre, 426 Great North Road, Henderson Auckland. ph (09) 8384455



Phone:   (09) 9402694
Mobile:   0211305344  



Beakers and Pourers           
  Koru Mug
 Koru Mug
Jewellery - Brooches 
Jewellery - Brooches


 Snowflake Bowl



Pendant - Brooch
Pendant - Brooch
Japanese Boat/Helmet


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