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Handbuilt figurative and stamped earthenware


As a child I played with clay and mud in the bush streams at French Bay, Titirangi.  Later in the Lynfield College art room I spent many lunch times teaching myself to throw on a kick wheel.  Then followed a number of years making high fired domestic ware, firing with diesel and wood kilns in the Waitakere hills, the Coromandel outback and Tokomaru Bay.
  During this time I received inspiration and mentoring from Helen Mason.  I am now working with low fired white earthenware, making hand formed pieces and slab ware, with emphasis on surface design, texture and colour.

I now paint and I am learning a lot from the interaction generated as these two processes feed into each other.  120 words

Phone :  (09) 817 3310


Tuis - Earthenware
10cm x 6cm x 6cm

Goddess - Earthenware
20cm x 10cm x 6cm

Face - Earthenware
23cm x 13cm x 10cm

Bird - Earthenware

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