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Porcelain Lamps, handbuilt and wheel thrown Vases
Tableware and Oil Lamp Dragons

I was born in Cologne, Germany in 1959, and have worked as a studio potter for the last 20 years in both Germany and New Zealand. I studied Ceramic Design in Germany, and exhibited in Germany and in Holland.
In 1997 I moved to New Zealand.
I have  worked in a studio at Corban’s Estate Art Centre since 2002, and have been teaching both adults and children both at the Art Centre and at Art Station.

During all these years of exploring clay and shapes, I was on a journey to find ways of expressing myself. While I lived in germany the making of large wall sculptures like eroding rocks was priority for me – to still my thirst for nature, and to demonstrate the ongoing process change.
When I came to New Zealand I was surrounded by the most beautiful nature and found a new home in this country and in myself.

Now the porcelain lamps are my “number one”. Gentle shades of white brought about by surface carvings show the beautiful translucency of the material. The shade and stem of the lamps are inspired by nikau palms.All my shapes are wheel-thrown and the form of each lamp is unique.

Throwing on the wheel is a calming process for me when I can be still and enjoy the creative play of material and form.


Phone: (09)8128975

Porcelain Lamps
Porcelain Lamps
  Porcelain Lamps
Porcelain Lamps
Vase form with lilies   Wavy vase form
Koru mugs
Koru Mugs
   Celadon Teapot
Celadon Teapot

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